Memory Music


Balance And Composure "Too Quick To Forgive"



After five long years, Balance And Composure returns with "Too Quick To Forgive" - newly signed to Grammy-nominated producer Will Yip's label, Memory Music, the alt-rock darlings sound more assured and adventurous than ever across two vulnerable tracks. "Too Quick To Forgive" is a reflection on personal perseverance in the wake of confrontation, told through two distinctly different scenarios. "Savior Mode" finds frontman Jon Simmons baring his soul in a way that is unparalleled in their discography, while "Last To Know" is an emotionally resonant highlight that leaves a lasting impact well after its final notes play out.

Track Listing:

1. Savior Mode
2. Last One To Know
3. Savior Mode (Wicca Phase Springs Eternal remix)
4. Last One to Know (Darcy Baylis remix)