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Avskum "En Annan Varld Ar Mojlig"


Sweden's legendary D-beat band Avskum returns with their first new album since 2008, "En Annan Varld Ar Mojlig" ("Another World Is Possible"). Their fifth album has 17 new tracks of rage-filled, D-beat hardcore supporting indigenous rights, self-determination, and attacking fascism, militarism, misogyny, and political corruption. Recorded by Kenko at Communichaos Studios, the album features guest vocals from Tompa from At The Gates/Disfear, TB from Asocial/Uncurbed, and Mattis from Makabert Fynd.

Track Listing:

1. Snutarna I Huvet
2. En Annan Varld Ar Mojlig
3. Knarkare Ar Starkare
4. Klinisk Javla Dodsdrift
5. They Put Our Souls In The Killbox
6. Stormtroopers Of Misogyny
7. Den Heliga Darens Aterkomst
8. Ickevaldsprincipen
9. Souldead Retrieval
10. Schmutz
11. Borders And Deportations
12. Fascismens Dod
13. Rasstatens Altare
14. Darkista
15. Snaran En Bit Fran Halsen
16. Fred Karlek Och Folkmord
17. This Silence Is A Violence