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Avenged Sevenfold "Sounding The Seventh Trumpet"


Avenged Sevenfold originally unleashed their full-length "Sounding The Seventh Trumpet" in 2002. In an age where metalcore bands seemed to no longer retain any sense of true metal, these kids from Huntington Beach, CA, kept it real by mixing Guns N' Roses and Slayer with the classic California punk sound of NOFX and Bad Religion. The cathartic instrumentation and ripping drum technique came together dynamically in an effort to rival their intense live shows. Now available again on vinyl with a gatefold cover.

Track Listing:

1. To End The Rapture
2. Turn The Other Way
3. Darkness Surrounding
4. The Art Of Subcouncious Illusion
5. We Come Out At Night
6. Lips Of Deceit
7. Warmness On The Soul
8. An Epic Of Time Wasted
9. Breaking Their Hold
10. Forgotten Faces
11. Thick And Thin
12. Streets
13. Shattered By Broken Dreams