Architects UK "Holy Hell"


Architects UK is a band who've never shied away from challenging the world around them. After suffering the loss of co-founder/guitarist Tom Searle to cancer in 2016, the band returned to the road and the studio in 2017 releasing the hit track "Doomsday," which climbed the Active Rock Radio charts and went on to be one the bands most successful songs. Their eighth studio album, "Holy Hell" is the return to the studio for a band that has come through the grieving process with more drive and determination than ever before.

Track Listing:

1. Death Is Not Defeat
2. Hereafter
3. Mortal After All
4. Holy Hell
5. Damnation
6. Royal Beggars
7. Modern Misery
8. Dying To Heal
9. The Seventh Circle
10. Doomsday
11. A Wasted Hymn