Triple-B Records


Anxious "New Shapes"

As one of the many great, new artists coming out of the punk and hardcore scene continuously being cultivated by Triple-B Records, melodic hardcore outfit Anxious released a highly promising debut EP in 2019's listmaker "Never Better." The band is readying their full-length album for release later this year, but as a flip in expectations, the two-track, 7" single "New Shapes" is truth in its details, as we're dealing with an impressively different sounding side of the band. "More Than A Letter" is an acoustic-spangled bout of hardcore-pop that gravitates toward the energy of Angel Dust in its strum, while the two-fold "Not Now, Please/Dante's Afternoon" pulls the aggression out from the "Never Better" cut "Please Not Now," and attaches a distantly aching piano coda onto its second half. 7" includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. More Than A Letter
2. Not Now, Please/Dante's Afternoon