Sonarize Records


Anti-Cimex "The Complete Demos Collection 1982-1983"


This record collects, in chronological order, all the demos and the studio recording sessions that haven't been released on any official release so far from legendary Swedish crustpunx Anti-Cimex. A total of 29 tracks that originally appeared on "K.A.A.S January 1982," "K.A.A.S April 1982," and "En Produkt Av Dagens Skitsamhalle" tapes, plus the studio session right before the "Raped Ass" 7" EP and the discarded recordings for the full-length that never saw the light and eventually became the "Victims Of A Bomb Raid" 7" EP. All the tracks come from the original tapes and the sound has been restored and remastered by Lasse at Ballade Studio in Copenhagen.

Track Listing:

1. Heroindod
2. Manniskor Av Aska
3. Anti Cimex
4. Svaveldioxid
5. Drommusik
6. Nutid
7. Krig & Dod
8. Ska Det Behovas Vald
9. Inse Fakta
10. Vagra
11. It's No T.V. Sketch
12. Dubbelmoral
13. Instrumental
14. En Dod Soldat
15. Jordens Undergang
16. Syre Eller Gas
17. Nutid
18. Vagra Varnplikt
19. Progeria Power
20. I Skuggan Av Ett Krig
21. Krossa NRP
22. Eibon
23. Heroindod 2
24. FBU
25. Doden Ar Smutsig
26. Wave Of Fear
27. Straight To Hell
28. Victims Of A Bomb Raid
29. Dead Struggle In A Burning Hell