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Sailor's Grave Records


Angel City Outcasts "Deadrose Junction"

Since forming in 2002, Angel City Outcasts have been writing anthems for punk's newest generation. This young, hard rocking quintet from the notorious city of Los Angeles, CA has been quickly coming up as one of L.A.'s top street-rock acts. Angel City Outcasts combine aspects from all of their favorite musical styles and genres, which includes classic punk, hardcore, country/rockabilly and hard rock, creating a unique sound that can loosely be referred to as streetpunk rock 'n' roll.

Track Listing:

1. Made For This
2. Down Spiral
3. Rev It Up, Turn It Loose
4. Outcast Rock N Roll
5. Sunset Sultan
6. Breakout
7. Bleeding Heart Saloon
8. Horns N Halos
9. Cutthroat
10. Where I Belong
11. Take the Town
12. Ten After Midnight
13. Word To The Wise
14. No One Alone
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