Three One G


Angel Hair "Insect Immortality"


Angel Hair's music has a certain unforgettable quality that places it in the canon of hardcore classics. A vicious, surreal, and surprisingly exhilarating maelstrom of San Diego, CA-styled hardcore. This diamond in the rough is highly, highly recommended for fans of chaotic hardcore.

Track Listing:

1. Witch Hunt Scene From Star Trek
2. This Stool Is Cool
3. Origin Of Species
4. Stigmata Martyr
5. The Wax Museum
6. Blood Believe
7. Space Ape
8. Land Ov Enchantment
9. New Rocket
10. Crash Course
11. T-Minus Sixty Years
12. Second Cousin
13. Pre-Supermodel
14. You Were Ugly But You Got Cute Again
15. Kisses
16. Lazy Eye
17. Bedroom Scene From Communion