Porterhouse Records


All "Pummel"

Pummel was the only record released by All in a short-lived recording agreement with Interscope Records. The 1995 full-length wasn't a big priority at the label and the record never got its due, inexplicably being swept over by both press and fans. However, history now shows that "Pummel" contains some of the strongest power pop songs the band has ever written. After leading off with "Self-Righteous" in a buck thirty eight, Bill, Chad, Karl and Stephen deal out snappy pop gems like "Breaking Up," "Miranda" and "Million Bucks"; they get moody on "Long Distance," "Black Sky" and "This World"; and they bring the laughs with "Uncle Critic" and "On Foot." The reissue of this great punk record is long overdue and it's going to connect with All and Descendents fans both new and old. Porterhouse Records is pleased to present its 15 re-mastered tracks lovingly pressed on 12", 180-gram black vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Self-Righteous
2. Million Bucks
3. Uncle Critic
4. Miranda
5. Not Easy
6. Long Distance
7. Stalker
8. Button It
9. This World
10. Gettin' There
11. Breakin' Up
12. On Foot
13. Broken
14. Hetero
15. Black Sky