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Alkaline Trio "Crimson"


Though the current world of Alkaline Trio is not nearly as fraught with and fueled by drink and drama as in the band's formative years, the making of "Crimson," originally released in 2005, was not without its share of dark portents: two bone-shattering skateboarding accidents, one PunkVoter tour that failed to block the re-election of George W. Bush... but oddly enough: no failed relationships. As a result, "Crimson" stands as the most mature and ambitious 13 songs Alkaline Trio had ever pushed itself to create - with able guidance from producer Jerry Finn (Green Day, Blink-182, Jawbreaker). Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Time To Waste
2. The Poison
3. Burn
4. Mercy Me
5. Dethbed
6. Settle For Satin
7. Sadie
8. Fall Victim
9. I Was A Prayer
10. Prevent This Tragedy
11. Back To Hell
12. Your Neck
13. Smoke