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Warthog Speak Records


Alienation "Bitter Reality"

Bitter Reality, the third vinyl psalm in the Alienation gospel is a harsher, faster, and more abrasive yoke than the Halifax bad bois have yet to strap into. Eleven tracks of raw-skinned, breakneck, stop-'n'-go, thrashing exhaustion with the hooks hidden a little deeper than on previous outings, resulting in a much deeper wound when the sharpest blades of quality riffage tear out of the screaming, steady darkness of this hellish blaze. It's bands like this and Nosferatu that really keep modern hardcore exciting. Limited edition of 250 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Split Lip
2. Feral Mind
3. Testing Patience
4. Slander
5. Johnny Coffee Shop
6. Bitter Boys
7. Blowback
8. Mental Hygiene
9. Squirrel Bait
10. Left/Right
11. Red Red Red
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