SideOneDummy Records


AJJ "Ugly Spiral: Lost Works 2012-2016"

SideOneDummy digs into the archives to release the ultimate AJJ rare-cut collection. Highlights include the opener "Space & Time," the cover of Pink Floyd's "The Final Cut" as well as the alternate and demo versions of fan favorites such as "Kokopelli Face Tattoo" and "Junkie Church."

Track Listing:

1. Space & Time.
2. Kokopelli Face Tattoo (alternate version)
3. Do, Re And Me (alternate version)
4. Blood, Hatred, Money And Rage.
5. Keep On Chooglin'
6. Brainbody.mp4
7. Now That I'm At The Top Of My Game.
8. Christmas Island
9. Getting Naked, Playing With Guns (alternate version)
10. Junkie Church (alternate version)
11. The Final Cut
12. I Miss You.