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Agents Of Satan "The Final Set"

The last set of Agents Of Satan, recorded live on KFJC in November 2011 when the band was at the top of their game. With songs spanning all of Agents Of Satan's repertoire, this documents the unique brand of West Bay brutality that only they could deliver - like a satanic side B of "My War." RIP Stinkweed, all hail Agents Of Satan. LP includes a 23" x 33" poster and is limited to 630 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Joe Ryder
2. Klawbo Connection
3. Cut Off My Dick
4. Dutch Rudder
5. Black Scabs
6. Kill For Baloff
7. Goat Skrote
8. Black Metal Bat
9. Red Impulse
10. Skrote Skin Mask
11. Crust = Glam
12. Goat Chode
13. Goat Core
14. Vomit Tar