Frontier Records


Adolescents "The Complete Demos 1980-1986"

Frontier Records, home of the Adolescents' legendary debut, aka "The Blue Album," is proud to release all of their influential demos from their earliest rehearsals up until 1986. Fourteen of these tracks are previously unreleased, including one studio recording - "Richard Hung Himself" - originally recorded for the "Welcome To Reality" EP. 2018 is Frontier's 38th anniversary, and they couldn't be any prouder to offer this special black and white jacket for the Adolescents' demo album. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. We Can't Change The World
2. Black Sheep
3. Growing Up Today
4. We Rule And You Don't
5. I Hate Children
6. No Friends
7. Who Is Who
8. Wrecking Crew
9. Wrecking Crew
10. Creatures
11. Amoeba
12. Self Destruct
13. Do The Eddie
14. Richard Hung Himself
15. The Liar
16. The Peasant Song