Puke N Vomit Records


Action Pact "Mercury Theatre - On The Air!"


Originally released in 1983 on Fallout Records. Their debut album gets its first-ever worldwide reissue thanks to Puke N Vomit Records. Amazing, catchy, blistering punk with great post-punk elements makes this one of the coolest '80s, UK punk albums ever.

Track Listing:

1. (Drowning Out The) Big Jets
2. Fools Factions
3. Things That Need...
4. Cowslick Blues
5. Double Standards
6. Losers
7. London Bouncers (Bully Boy version)
8. People
9. Currant Bun
10. Mindless Aggression
11. Blue Blood
12. Protest Is Alive
13. Mercury Theatre (On The Air Again)