Vinyl Conflict Label


4 Walls Falling "Culture Shock"


Vinyl Conflict presents a reissuing of 4 Walls Falling "Culture Shock," originally released in 1991 on Jade Tree Records; this is its first re-pressing in 20 years. 4 Walls Falling is a politically driven hardcore band from Richmond, VA, and their debut full-length is genre defining, coming out of the late-'80s hardcore scene and being a huge inspiration to the future of of Richmond hardcore. LP includes a 12-page, 8" x 8" booklet. Now available again on black vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Values And Instabilities
2. Culture Shock
3. Greed
4. I Witness
5. Cleanse The Soul
6. Intro
7. Search
8. Price Of Silence
9. Filled
10. Back On Top