Ferret Music


36 Crazyfists "The Tide And Its Takers"

36 Crazyfists is evidence that there's a beauty in isolation, a newfound purpose from even the worst of tragedies, and that heavy metal and hard rock music don't have to be all doom and gloom to have power. Now an integral part of the ever-expanding Ferret Music family, 36 Crazyfists recorded their new album, "The Tide And Its Takers," with guitarist Steve Holt at the helm and the legendary Andy Sneap at the mixing boards, which promises to turn even more heads than before. The band's patented twists and turns, which already earned them favor amongst fans of bands like Thursday and Thrice, ensure that none of it sounds contrived, copied or otherwise rehashed from other bands.

Track Listing:

1. The All Night Lights
2. We Gave It Hell
3. The Back Harlow Road
4. Clear The Coast
5. Waiting On A War
6. Only A Year Or So...
7. Absent Are The Saints
8. Vast And Vague
9. When Distance Is The Closest Reminder
10. Northern November
11. The Tide And Its Takers