Triple-B Records


Vantage Point "Against Myself"


First formed in 2016, Vantage Point has released three EPs, with the latest, "An Answer You Won't Find," released in October 2019 on Triple-B. The band is a staple of the Boston, MA, hardcore scene and shares members with a number of acts including C4, Chaos Cross, and Final Gasp. Taking inspiration from bands like Inside Out, Turning Point, and Burn, the band plays loud and direct, seamlessly able to move from hard, fast tracks to slow and anthemic songs. Limited edition of 515 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Amends
2. The Ask
3. Slow To Fix A Feeling
4. Where It Ends II
5. I Force Me
6. A Reminder
7. Against Myself
8. Tired Of Looking Back
9. Swear