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Vanilla Muffins "Sugar Oi Will Win!!"


Originally released in the summer of 1995 in England on Helen Of Oi! Records, this is the Swiss-punk greats, Vanilla Muffins' debut album. The album has been out of print for over 20 years and is now available again on vinyl, and for the first time in the States. The Vanilla Muffins combine the best parts of classic, UK oi with a healthy dose of the smarts and catchiness, and may be one of the biggest and most popular oi bands in the world.

Track Listing:

1. Sugar Oi Come On!
2. Out Of Hope
3. Storm Over England
4. Good Night Elvis
5. We're Disturbing You!
6. Chelsea: West Ham United
7. Smash All Your Feelings!
8. Tribute Song
9. For What I Fight With You?
10. I'm Nearly Evil
11. An Old Flame
12. Capucine