Beach Impediment Records


Vanity "Evening Reception"

Hailing from the depths of New York City, Vanity features former members of The Rival Mob and plays some energetic punk consomme indebted to rock 'n' roll but coming across less like the deliberate broken chains of Vans slip-ons and Target 501s swapped for sequins, strides, and scarves - but more like an effort forged in Billy Zoom's living room on Warren Zevon's gear as played by the Saints' roadies in a bar that serves really, really, really cold beer.

Track Listing:

1. If You Must
2. Someday Is Right
3. Glad To Not
4. These Things Tend To Not Go Anywhere
5. It's That Way For A Reason
6. Gimme Hyperbole
7. You Can't Have Both
8. Cease Fire
9. Mea Culpa
10. World Gets Smaller