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Arma X "Violento Ritual"


Arma X burst onto the hardcore scene in 2019 with a demo that made people take notice from day one, seemingly coming out of nowhere along with a whole host of new bands from Madrid, Spain. Taking the best of heavy hardcore styles, whether it's Cleveland straight edge or NYHC beatdown, Arma X is making it their own with tunes breathing new life into the genre in their debut album, "Violento Ritual." Lyrically Arma X rock about the straight edge, naturally, as a true form of outsider behaviour within punk, and also dark moments of anger in one's personal life through occult imagery. Imported from the UK.

Track Listing:

1. Heavy Straight Edge
2. Solo Ante El Abismo
3. El Crujir De Tus Huesos
4. Violento Ritual
5. Libera El Infierno
6. Culpables De Tu Odio
7. Arma X
8. Forjados A Fuego