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Bombshell Rocks "The Conclusion"

Sweden's Bombshell Rocks has been rocking the entire world for over a decade with their infectious, classic punk rock. Inspired by the likes of The Clash, Bad Religion, Rancid, Stiff Little Fingers and Operation Ivy, the band has honed a sound that encompasses the energy, sound and style of punk represented in various forms by the aforementioned bands. With multiple releases on Epitaph Records, the band has now joined the Sailor's Grave roster to unleash the consistently gripping "The Conclusion."

Track Listing:

1. Move Rhythm City
2. Blind
3. Bloodbrothers
4. Me & You
5. Guns & Democracy
6. Truth
7. Golden
8. Listen
9. Roma 2005
10. Downsize
11. Ten Years
12. Teenagers
13. My Conclusion