Revelation Records


The Judas Factor "Ballads In Blue China"

This CD starts off with brutal riffs and raw edge vocals. Then mid-way through, it goes to soft indy rockish music and vocal stylings. Then back to the hard stuff, yet this whole CD has a different tone and sound than chugga chugga of other folk's hardcore. The Judas Factor is a band you'll want to hear, with lyrics you need to read. You might find a personal anthem here -Impact Press

Track Listing:

1. Beauty Mark
2. That Beautiful Old Victorian Bathtub
3. As I Lie Down To Die
4. Essay
5. Will You Wait Up For Me?
6. Choose Your Poison
7. My Favorite Stranger
8. If You Are Going To Kill Then Murder
9. Re-invent
10. Intangibles
11. Stealing Away
12. The Last Song