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Indecision Records


The Suicide File "Some Mistakes You Never Stop Paying For"

Never pressed domestically on vinyl, this will be the first time this album has been available for distribution in the US. An 18-track, posthumous collection of odds and ends from one of the very best bands to have emerged from the Boston, MA hardcore scene in recent years, it contains The Suicide File's out-of-print, vinyl only "Things Fall Apart" EP that people have downright badgered Indecision to re-release. Additionally, it has the vinyl-only tracks from their split 7"s with RN'R and The Hope Conspiracy, as well as the tracks from their original self-titled EP and demo. These are the remaining copies from Black Friday 2015 on clear vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. 2003
2. Fuck Fox News
3. I Like The Nightlife Baby
4. Cold Snap
5. Things Fall Apart
6. Achtung! Landmine!
7. Some Mistakes You Never Stop Paying For
8. Ashcroft
9. I Hate Rock N' Roll
10. The Purple Dawn
11. Now Lie In It
12. Kissinger
13. The Somme
14. I Hate You
15. A Pleasure To Have In Class
16. Kissinger
17. I Hate You
18. Another Night In America
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