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Hail The Sun "Divine Inner Tension"


Helmed by notable producer Kris Crummett, "Divine Inner Tension" finds the veteran rock band Hail The Sun questioning everything about what it means to be here and to be alive, on both a micro level - where the importance of our existence is profound and paramount - and on a macro one - where our time on this planet is nothing but irrelevant and insignificant. Across its 12 stirring and intense songs, "Divine Inner Tension" embarks on a journey that takes the listener back and forth between those two extremes as it tries to reconcile that paradox of living intentionally, but relinquishing control by taking your hands off the wheel and letting the universe guide you. One of the main epiphanies the band had when making the album was understanding that inspiration didn't have to come from a place of despair, and letting go of the idea that an artist needs to be tortured in order to create.

Track Listing:

1. Tunnel Vision Alibi
2. Mind Rider
3. Chunker
4. 60-Minute Session Blocks
5. Maladapted
6. The Story Writes Itself
7. (In My Dream)
8. I Saw You Hanging
9. Tithe
10. Feeble Words
11. Little Song
12. Under The Floor