The Business "Doing The Business" $9.00
The Control "Glasseye" $3.50
The Control "The Forgotten" $1.00
The Creepshow "Life After Death"
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The Dear Hunter "Migrant" $11.00
The Dear Hunter "The Dear Hunter Live" $9.00
The Distance "If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Already" $3.50
The Ducky Boys "Dead End Streets" $11.00
The Ducky Boys "The War Back Home" $9.00
The Ducky Boys "Three Chords And The Truth" $9.00
The Explosion "Steal This" $6.00
The Fall Of Troy "Doppelganger"
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The First Step "What We Know"
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The Guts "Songs Of Freedom" $11.00
The Helm "Grim Harvest" $11.00
The Hope Conspiracy "Endnote" $9.00
The Iceburn Collective "Polar Bear Suite" $11.00
The Iceburn Collective "Power Of The Lion" $11.00
The Judas Factor "Ballads In Blue China" $11.00
The Judas Factor "Kiss Suicide" $6.00
The Juliana Theory "A Dream Away" $12.00
The Kings Of Nuthin' "Old Habits Die Hard" $9.00
The Mahones "The Very Best: 25 Years Of Irish Punk" $11.00
The Meatmen "Evil In A League With Satan" $9.00
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones "When God Was Great" from $12.20
The Nerve Agents "Days Of The White Owl" $11.00
The Old Firm Casuals "For The Love Of It All" from $11.00
The Paramedic "Diary Of My Demons" $9.00
The Paramedic "Smoke & Mirrors" $9.00
The Piniellas "Struck Out Looking" $11.00
The Pist "Ideas Are Bulletproof" $5.00
The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower "Love In The Fascist Brothel" $11.00
The Promdates "Coffee's Hot "We're Not" $11.00
The Promise "Believer" $11.00
The Red Baron / Bishop "Split" $6.00
The Shocker "Up Your Ass Tray "The Full Length" $3.50
The Trouble "Nobody Laughs Anymore" $6.00
The Twilight Transmission "The Dance of Destruction" $11.00
The Welch Boys "Bring Back The Fight"
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The Welch Boys "s/t" $9.00
ThirtyTwo Frames" $8.00
This Is Hell "Misfortunes" $9.00
This Will Destroy You "Tunnel Blanket" $7.00
This Will Destroy You "Vespertine" from $11.00
Throw The Fight "The Vault" $4.50
Throwdown "Drive Me Dead" $7.00
Time Flies "Can't Change The Past" $11.00
Time Flies "On Our Way" $11.00
Too Pure To Die "Confess" $9.00
Torture The Artist "s/t" $11.00