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Bullet Tooth Records


The Paramedic "Diary Of My Demons"

The Paramedic is excited to release their sophomore album "Diary Of My Demons," slated for release on Bullet Tooth. The five-piece, Dayton, OH natives will be releasing a regular and deluxe edition of the record, a follow-up to the group's label debut, "Smoke & Mirrors." The follow-up album sees a maturation and growth that has been unparalleled by the band so far.

Track Listing:

1. Prologue
2. Have A Nice Day
3. Who I've Become
4. Proud
5. Make Me Feel
6. Lying To A Liar
7. Fire Red
8. I've Been There
9. Captivate
10. My Life In A Bottle
11. These Hands
12. Misplaced
13. The Attempt
14. Love On The Dance Floor
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