Go Kart Records


Pigmy Love Circus "The Power of Beef"

Featuring Danny Carey from TOOL! The music itself is kind of loud classic rock fused with metal and a touch of punk & blues as well. But the music doesn't sound dated and instead takes a lot of rock conventions and turns them on their collective heads. The music is loud and would feel right at home in a biker bar with a bunch of drunk bikers singing along while occasionally puking and beating the crap out of each other.

Track Listing:

1. Livin' Like Shit
2. Drug Run to Fontana
3. Swamp Creature
4. Bone Orchard
5. Pistelero Sleep
6. Bad Luck
7. Murdered
8. Highway Man
9. Headless Horseman
10. 12 Gauge Kiss
11. Madhouse Clown