Atomic Action! Records


V/A "Exhibit A: Benefit For The Southern Poverty Law Center"


Seventeen hardcore and punk bands from across the spectrum come together to benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center, who have been fighting institutional racism, Jim Crow laws, and hate groups while protecting the civil rights of people of color, women, children, immigrants, migrant workers, the disabled, the LGBTQ community, and others who face discrimination. Bands included are Be Well, Gel, Truth Cult, The HIRS Collective, Faim, Crossed Keys, Bitter Branches, School Drugs, and more. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Faim - Stepping Stone
2. Gel - Guided Meditation
3. Exhalants - Sociopathetic
4. Every Scar Has A Story - I'm Chasing Ghosts
5. Multicult - Calibration
6. The HIRS Collective - Eighth Rank Promotion/Living In Lead
7. Easy Prey - A Reconciliation
8. Crossed Keys - R.I.P. Arch Street
9. Rid Of Me - Sabotage
10. Therapy - Shadows
11. School Drugs - Broken
12. Fashion Week - Christian Eyesore
13. Be Well - Erased
14. Bitter Branches - 50 Ft. Queenie
15. Truth Cult - Remain In Light
16. Dead Torches - Self-Destructing Memo
17. Faking - Derailed