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Zao "Live From The Church"


In June of 2021, Zao entered The Church Recording Studio in Pittsburgh, PA, and filmed a live-in-studio, career-spanning set for a pay-per-view livestream event. Now that film is being released as a three-disc, CD+DVD+Blu-Ray combo and the audio soundtrack is also available as a 2xLP set. In addition to the film, the DVD+Blu-Ray set also features a behind the scenes featurette and five official music videos. Vinyl version includes download card.

Track Listing:

1. Into The Jaws Of Dread
2. Ship Of Theseus
3. If These Scars Could Speak
4. Human Cattle Masses Marching Forward
5. Haunting Pools
6. Croatoan
7. Transmission I: I Saw The End
8. A Well-Intentioned Virus
9. Romance Of The Southern Spirit
10. How Are The Weak Free
11. Ghost Psalm
12. The Latter Rain