Steadfast Records


XRedlineX "Tongue Tied"


Spearheaded by Marko Karacic, a veteran of Chicago, IL's hardcore scene through his tenure with Blindside in the '90s, XRedlineX has emerged as a powerhouse unit melding diverse influences and experiences. XRedlineX's sound is a testament to their collective journey, crafting a unique brand of heavy, unapologetic, straight-edge hardcore that resonates with raw power and unyielding conviction. On their debut EP, "Tongue Tied," XRedlineX's sonic assault embodies a spirit of unity, strength, and unwavering determination. Limited edition of 200 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Tongue Tied
2. Ward Of The State
3. Pennies On The Dollar
4. Gatekeeper
5. 11th Hour
6. Straight Ahead
7. Brace For The Edge