Vitriol Records


Generacion Suicida "Regeneracion"


This is the US press of the most recent Generacion Suicida release. Originally pressed in the UK by Drunken Sailor records and now available in the US. Since 2010 Generacion Suicida have been the voice of the Los Angeles neighborhoods honing a sound that is filled with melody, walking a line between punk rock and new wave, perhaps the missing link between the first two Blitz records, or taking cues from more recent bands like No Hope For The Kids or Masshysteri, all with lyrics delivered in Spanish.

Track Listing:

1. Balas, Siempre Balas
2. Me Estan Buscando
3. Dia Tras Dia
4. Dime Donde Estan
5. Fuego
6. Identidad
7. Ilusion
8. Jaulas
9. Nacidos
10. Todo Es Un Sueno
11. Violencia