SideOneDummy Records


MxPx "Panic"


PLEASE NOTE: An unknown amount of copies of this record have been found to have mistakenly used the vinyl A and or B-side labels of a different release, but the music itself is indeed MxPx.

2024 reissue of MxPx's seventh album, "Panic," on SideOneDummy Records that includes updated artwork. Over the past 30+ years, MxPx has sold well over a million records in the US. "Panic" features their trademark sound, while adding more mature themes lyrically.

Track Listing:

1. The Darkest Places
2. Young And Depressed
3. Heard That Sound
4. Cold Streets
5. The Story
6. Wrecking Hotel Rooms
7. Late Again
8. Kicking And Screaming
9. Grey Skies Turn Blue
10. Emotional Anarchist
11. Call In Sick
12. Get Me Out
13. Waiting For The World To End
14. This Weekend