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Heatmiser "Dead Air"


Heatmiser's "Dead Air" is still a mighty fine debut album, though more credit should probably go to Elliott Smith's co-singer/guitarist Neil Gust. There's a perhaps inevitable casting of grunge over everything given its 1993 genesis, but instead of sprawl, the emphasis is on tautness, vocals rough but not whined, more Husker Du and Mission Of Burma, say, than Black Sabbath or Black Flag. Neil Gust's knack for anthemic, empowering choruses infused with open, emotional passion makes the Fugazi comparison in particular appropriate. Now available again on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Still
2. Candyland
3. Mock-Up
4. Dirt
5. Bottle Rocket
6. Blackout
7. Stray
8. Can't Be Touched
9. Cannibal
10. Don't Look Down
11. Sands Hotel
12. Lowlife
13. Buick
14. Dead Air