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Bridge Nine Records


Hierophant "Great Mother: Holy Monster"

Italy's Hierophant play blackened, metallic hardcore in the vein of His Hero Is Gone, Darkthrone, Neurosis, Catharsis and Entombed. Described by Hardboiled zine as "an otherworldly experience of dark, cold, grimy and almost dehumanized hardcore," the sound of Hierophant is a mix between crust/punk and sludgy metallic hardcore with a dark/oppressive/apocalyptic mood. For fans of Oathbreaker, Deafheaven and Tombs. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Son Of The New Faith
2. Son Of The Tongue's Prison
3. Son Of Four-Hands Way
4. Son Of The Carcinoma
5. Son Of Egoistic Love
6. Son Of The Public Castration
7. Son Of The Cathartic Cave
8. Son Of The Black Mirror
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