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Bridge Nine Records


Defeater "Lost Ground"

With a new 7" EP titled "Lost Ground," Defeater is armed with six new songs about a man's journey from enlisting in the military to post-war life. With the narrative focusing on the "prophet" from the song "Prophet In Plain Clothes" from their critically acclaimed debut, "Travels," this new story is set to a volatile soundtrack of hardcore fury, punk melody and metal technicality while the band explores some cleaner and bigger-sounding dynamics. "Lost Ground" is a musically precise and genre-bending release from this forward-thinking band. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. The Red, White And Blues
2. The Bite And Sting
3. A Wound And Scar
4. Home Ain't Never Home
5. Singin' New York Town
6. Beggin In The Slums
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