Warzone "Lower East Side Crew" - Revelation Records #1

Warzone Lower East Side Crew : 7" 1987 ------------- Test press : 12 black vinyl 1st press : 1000 black vinyl Light blue labels with hand-drawn designs in black ink, black and white sleeve. Some have the B-side label numbered for some reason and it seems that the numbers are always in the range of 1-100. Maybe the first 100 were numbered? There was 41 copies of the initial pressing that come with white paper labels rather than blue and have the 'Warzone' logo on the sleeve colored in with orange magic marker. Besides the normal lyric sheet, a number of the first press come with one of two fold out inserts that have a photo of a band member on either side. 2nd press : 500 orange vinyl 500 black vinyl Black/silver A-Side label, band photo on B-Side. 6 of the orange vinyl come with a sleeve of a lion attacking a horse. Some can be found with a large 'Lower East Side' sticker as an extra bonus. 3rd press : 1000 black vinyl 200 green vinyl A recent discovery has shown that the 2nd-5th presses were in fact only two presses. Glossy sleeve, Warzone letters in blue. There were various lyric sheets, most were new ones or came with an insert that had updated information. Revelation logo makes its first appearance on the Warzone but only on the black vinyl version. The black vinyl is also the press where the Batmite B-Side label appears, the one found on a few GB 7"s. Test press : 6 black vinyl These were made because the clear vinyl press wasn't until '89. 4th press : 300 clear vinyl Red lettering on sleeve. These were made at the same time as the red lettering GB 7" sleeves. 150 were given to the band without sleeves at the time of the pressing, most of the rest are still at Rev warehouse.