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Seasick Records-Birmingham, AL

Dr. Strange Records-Alta Loma, CA
Going Underground-Bakersfield, CA
Programme Skate And Sound-Fullerton, CA
Amoeba Music-Hollywood, CA
Going Underground-Los Angeles, CA
1234 Go!-Oakland, CA
Amoeba Music-San Francisco, CA
M-Theory Music-San Diego, CA
Normal Records-San Diego, CA

Twist And Shout-Denver, CO

Static Era Records-Milford, CT
Red Scroll Records-Wallingford, CT

Smartpunk Records-Orlando, FL

Disorder Vinyl-Atlanta, GA

Reckless Records-Chicago, IL
Waiting Room Records-Normal, IL
Dumb Records-Springfield, IL

Love Garden Sounds-Lawrence, KS

Bridge9-Boston, MA

Deathwish, Inc-Beverly, MA
Residency Records-Salem, MA
Wanna Hear It-Watertowm, MA

Celebrated Summer-Baltimore, MD
Sound Garden-Baltimore, MD

Jacks Record Stache-Flint, MI
Vertigo Music-Grand Rapids, MI
Alien Cow-Kalamazoo, MI

Down in the Valley-Golden Valley, MN
Extreme Noise-Minneapolis, MN

The Record Space-St. Louis, MO

Sorry State-Raleigh, NC

No Idols HC-NJ
Randy Now's Man Cave-Highstown, NJ
Vinyl Addiction Records-Kearney, NJ

Basement Distribution-Las Vegas, NV

Black Dots-Buffalo, NY
Image Distro-Buffalo, NY
Out There-Buffalo, NY
Den Of Wax-Croton On Hudson, NY
Generation Records-New York, NY
Sound Garden-Syracuse, NY

Used Kids-Columbus, OH

Siren Records-Doylestown, PA
Easton Exchange-Easton, PA
A Day In The Life-Lancaster, PA
Angry, Young, And Poor-Lancaster, PA
Vinyl Altar-Philadelphia, PA
Attic Records-Pittsburgh, PA
Mothership-York, PA

Blue Collar Records-Traveler's Rest, SC

Inherent Records-Chattanooga, TN

Waterloo-Austin, TX
Hogwild Records-San Antonio, TX

Society Bleeds Records-Arlington, VA
Mobius Records-Fairfax, VA
Vinyl Conflict-Richmond, VA

Light In The Attic-Seattle, WA


Clarity Records-Adelaide, Australia
Resist Records-Sydney, Australia
Reality Records-Ghent, Belgium
Sloth Records-Calgary, AB, Canada
Monolithic Mailorder-BC, Canada
Northern Scene-BC, Canada
Emissions Record Shop-Toronto, Canada
Plastick Crack-Mississauga, ON, Canada
Sonik-Montreal, QC, Canada
Citofx-Santiago, Chile
Sin Fronteras Discos-Bogota, Colombia
Masked Raccoon-Dijon, France
Core Tex-Berlin, Germany
HHV-Berlin, Germany
Devarishi Records-Black Forest, Germany
Sentient Distro-Bremen, Germany
Merchpit-Dresden, Germany
Crucial Response-Duisburg, Germany
Green Hell-Munster, Germany
Cactus Distro-Indonesia
Fast Music Store-Indonesia
Pinball Records-Indonesia
Quickening Store-Indonesia
Grind Promotions-Italy
Disk Union-Japan
Nerds Records-Tokyo, Japan
Waterslide Records-Tokyo, Japan
Tandang Store-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Heavy Weight-Zurich, Switzerland
Juno Media-UK
Land of Treason-UK
Family Store Records-Brighton, UK
Specialist Subject-Bristol, UK
All Ages-London, UK