New York City Hardcore - 1987 "Together" Compilation - Revelation Records #2

Together compilation : 7" 1987 ------------- 1st press : 600 black vinyl 400 orange vinyl This is the "gold" vinyl press that everyone confuses with the yellow press. A number of the orange vinyl copies come with either a batman or a superman stamp on the inner dust jacket. Two copies of orange black mix are known to exist. 2nd press : 300 (?) black vinyl The 2nd press can be noted by its yellow rather than white paper insert. Also it is the only press of Together I've seen where the sleeve is in either two pieces or has the fold at the top a la Side By Side and No For An Answer. The split sleeve may not be intentional, and the 300 figure may be incorrect, there is no longer an invoice for this press unfortunately. 3rd press : 100 yellow vinyl Numbered. 4th press : 100 (?) black vinyl Sleeves are obvious photo copies of previous ones due to the washing out of most of the pictures' detail. The was made much smaller for this press. Chances are that there are many more than 100, however there is no data to verify one way or another.