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Nile Theater-Mesa, AZ

Programme Skate and Sound-Fullerton, CA
Normal-San Diego, CA
Amoeba Music-San Francisco, CA
Standards-Vista, CA

Chain Reaction-Lakewood, CO

Static Era-Milford, CT
Red Scroll-Wallingford, CT

Disorder Vinyl-Atlanta, GA

Waiting Room-Normal, IL

Block Head-Richmond, IN

Sisters In Christ-New Orleans, LA

Wanna Hear It-Watertown, MA

Celebrated Summer-Baltimore, MD
Sound Garden-Baltimore, MD

Jack's Record Stache-Flint, MI

Down in the Valley-Golden Valley, MN
Extreme Noise-Minneapolis, MN

Basement Distro-NV

Sorry State-Raleigh, NC

Black Dots-Buffalo, NY
Out There-Buffalo, NY
Generation Records-New York, NY
Sound Garden-Syracuse, NY
Low Key HV-NY

Feel It-Cincinnati, OH
Hausfrau-Cleveland, OH

Siren Records-Doylestown, PA
Easton Exchange-Easton, PA
A Day In The Life-Lancaster, PA
Creep Records-Philadelphia, PA

Grimey's-Nashville, TN

Waterloo-Austin, TX

Vinyl Conflict-Richmond, VA

Singles Going Steady-Seattle, WA


Resist-Sydney, Australia
Sloth-Calgary, Canada
Emissions-Toronto, Canada
Twistin’ Bones-Costa Rica
Bis Auf Messer-Berlin, Germany
Core Tex Records-Berlin, Germany
Crucial Response-Germany
Devarishi Records-Germany
Evil Greed-Germany
Merch Pit-Germany
Sentient Distro, Germany
Grind Promotion-Italy
Dig Dig-Tokyo, Japan
Nerds-Tokyo, Japan
Still Ill-Phillippines
All I Have Distro-South Korea
Land of Treason-UK
Specialist Subject-UK