Gorilla Biscuits "Start Today" - Revelation Records #12

Gorilla Biscuits 	
     Start Today : 12"
	1st press : 4977 black vinyl
		    1015 purple vinyl		
		    Embossed cover.  Seal on shrink rap runs top to bottom on 
		    purple copies, left to right on black copies.  Different 
		    pressing plants were used for the black vinyl vs. the 
		    colored which explains the differences in shrink rap seals.
   	2nd press : 2184 black vinyl
		    Non-embossed cover.
	3rd press+: black vinyl
		    Non-embossed cover.
        2002 press: 310 red vinyl January 4, 2002
	2002 press+: black vinyl

	25th anniversary pressing:
	2014 press : 1020 black vinyl
		     1000 glow-in-the-dark vinyl
		     Embossed jacket similar to the first pressing but with
		     printing on the inside of the jacket.

	2015 press+: black vinyl
	2019 press : 2014 blue vinyl to match cover
	2019 press+: black vinyl
2021 press : 3,200 yellow vinyl