Gorilla Biscuits "s/t" - Revelation Records #4

Gorilla Biscuits s/t : 7" 1988 ------------- Test press : black vinyl 1st press : 1994 black vinyl Letters on the front sleeve in blue and has a different lyric sheet and labels from all others. There are 102 of the first press with blank white and yellow labels, stamped with the band name, date, and are numbered 01-102. After this press, the master tape was lost so the ep had to be remixed for the subsequent pressings. Test press : 8 black vinyl A different pressing plant. 2nd press : 2000 yellow vinyl The front letters are in purple. A different mix. 15 are numbered by Luke with drawings on the B-side. Towards the end of the pressing they ran out of both sleeves and B-side labels. Which ran out first can be debated but 50-90 have the Warzone B-side label and can be found with either purple lettering sleeves or red lettering sleeves. The normal yellow vinyl can be found with red lettering sleeves as well. At least two off white copies of this pressing have been found. The only plausible explination for these would be that when the white and yellow vinyl was mixed to create the banana yellow color, a few copies were made before the vinyl was fully mixed. Take a look at - http://revhq.com/images/pressings/gbwhite.gif (thanks to Tobias Schneider for the scan) 3rd press : black vinyl Red lettering paper sleeves. Some have the purple lettering 2nd press sleeves appear on these and vise versa. 4th press : green vinyl Changed to glossy sleeve with different font and glossy insert. 5th press+: black vinyl Current press. A number of the inserts have the photo side reversed so everything is backwards, but the lyric side is fine. REV25 Chicago press: 440 clear vinyl Pressed as a set of 4 with Youth Of Today (REV17), Into Another (REV42), Texas Is The Reason (REV47). Has alternative black and silver sleeve and labels. 2016 pressing : 350 gold vinyl (for Conne Island 25th Anniversary, covers/inserts made by Conne Island) 2013 press+: black vinyl 2018 pressing : 600 opaque blue vinyl (for 30th Anniversary blue Super7 Box Set) 1600 opaque purple vinyl (for 30th Anniversary purple Super7 Box Set) 1600 opaque red vinyl (for 30th Anniversary red Super7 Box Set) 2019+ pressing : black vinyl
2021 pressing: 2000 opaque blue vinyl