Equal Vision Records


Yellowcard And Hammock "A Hopeful Sign"


Set for release via Equal Vision, the new album revisits some of the alt-rock band's most memorable tracks and reimagines them in a neo-classical and ambient space, deconstructing the songs and rebuilding them as a whole new aural experience. The first single from the album, "Ocean Avenue," takes the band's signature hit and metamorphosed the song from a pop-punk anthem to a contemplative and delicate, piano-led ballad. The nine-track album pulls tracks from 2003's "Ocean Avenue" (title track, "Only One"), 2006's "Lights And Sounds" ("Waiting Game"), 2007's "Paper Walls" ("You And Me And One Spotlight"), 2012's "Southern Air" (title track, "Telescope"), 2014's "Lift A Sail" ("Transmission Home"), and 2016's "Yellowcard" ("Empty Street," "A Place We Set Afire").

Track Listing:

1. Empty Street
2. Southern Air
3. Ocean Ave
4. Telescope
5. You And Me And One Spotlight
6. Waiting Game
7. Only One
8. A Place We Set Afire
9. Transmission Home