WAR Records


World I Hate "Years Of Lead"


Initially formed at the end of 2018, World I Hate released their debut EP, "Collapse," in 2020 and played their first show in 2021. On their new full-length, "Years Of Lead" (releasing on WAR Records), the band delivers on the promise of "Collapse" and further hones their already razor-sharp edge. Unafraid to blend blazing fast, near-powerviolence tempos with battering-ram, New York-hardcore stomps, "Years Of Lead" expands upon the template put forth 20 years ago by Massachusetts legends Think I Care and rises to the standard set by likeminded contemporaries such as Spine or Odd Man Out. New pressing now available on black vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Progressive Plantation
2. Suicide Magnet
3. Ghandi Trap
4. Compounding Disinterest
5. R.E.M.V.E. Blood
6. On The Wall
7. Safer In Jail
8. Liberal Snuff Film
9. Years Of Lead
10. Rat Fuck Planet
11. Meat Grinder