Puke N Vomit Records


Violators "Die With Dignity (The No Future Years)"


The Violators were part of the UK 82 punk wave that swept over the world, but even among all those legendary and influential bands, they stood out. They combined the buzz-saw guitar punk sound and youthful rebellious energy of '82 along with darker varied elements of post punk. Puke N Vomit is releasing, for the first time domestically, their entire No Future discography; the compilation full-length collects all the 7" singles and their 12"ep released between '82-'83, along with the three track demo recorded by Taboo, a short-lived post-punk band formed by Helen and Mark Coley after the disbanding of the Violators.

Track Listing:

1. Summer Of '81
2. Live Fast - Die Young
3. Gangland
4. Fugitive
5. Die With Dignity
6. Government Stinks
7. Pointless Slaughter
8. Life On The Red Line
9. Crossing The Sangsara
10. Taboo - Affections (bonus track)
11. Taboo - Slow Down (bonus track)
12. Taboo - Young Blades (bonus track)
13. Revenge (Crossings Of Sangsara) (alternate mix) (bonus track)
14. Life On The Red Line (alternate mix) (bonus track)