Puke N Vomit Records


Vice Squad "Shot Away"


Puke N Vomit Records brings you the first-ever US vinyl pressing of the third studio album from popular UK band Vice Squad, originally released on UK-punk label Anagram in 1984. The album features lead vocalist Lia Phelan who replaced original vocalist Beki Bondage, who had left to pursue her hard rock/glam/punk band Litogtage. The remaining three members recruited vocalist Lia and proceeded to make a great punk/pop/new wave record that often gets overlooked due to the absence of Bondage on vocals.

Track Listing:

1. New Blood
2. Take It Or Leave It
3. Out In The Cold
4. Nowhere To Hide
5. You'll Never Know
6. Rebels And Kings
7. Playground
8. The Rest Of Your Life
9. What's Going On?
10. Killing Time
11. Teenage Rampage