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Values Here "Take Your Time, I'll Be Waiting"


Values Here is a new band formed by vocalist Chui and legendary guitarist John Porcelly (Youth Of Today, Shelter, Judge). There are tracks with straight-up, classic, New York hardcore influence like the aptly titled "Bring Me The PMA," and ones that venture into pop-rock territory such as "We Get Stronger." With production by Tom Soares (Judge, Shelter) and mastering by Dave Kutch (Billie Eilish, The Weeknd), the band was able to create a dynamic sound with songs that would fit on the radio as much as they would connect to jumping around in a mosh pit. Limited edition of 485 copies. Imported from Germany.

Track Listing:

1. Will Be Tomorrow
2. Bring Me The PMA
3. Feeling Down
4. Do You Know Why?
5. It's Your Business Not Mine
6. We Get Stronger
7. Don't Dig It Up
8. Earthlings
9. Lift Your Head
10. I Will Forget
11. Victory
12. No One's Left Behind
13. Last Forever