Architects UK "For Those That Wish To Exist"


"For Those That Wish To Exist," the ninth studio record from England-based, post-metalcore quintet Architects UK, is available now via Epitaph. On "For Those That Wish To Exist," Architects UK examines the part we are all playing in the world's slow destruction, and tackles the biggest questions facing the future of our planet. The record's 15-tracks hang in a limbo between energizing positivity that it is not too late to correct our collective course, and a paralyzing negativity of defeatism; where hope and despondency are bed-fellows triggered daily by the simple act of existence.

Track Listing:

1. Do You Dream Of Armageddon?
2. Black Lungs
3. Giving Blood
4. Discourse Is Dead
5. Dead Butterflies
6. An Ordinary Extinction
7. Impermanence
8. Flight Without Feathers
9. Little Wonder
10. Animals
11. Libertine
12. Goliath
13. Demi God
14. Meteor
15. Dying Is Absolutely Safe