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Only Living Witness "Prone Mortal Form"


Formed out of Boston, MA, in 1989, Only Living Witness is one of the '90s criminally underrated bands. It's been 25 years since "Prone Mortal Form" was first released in 1993, but it's influence can still be heard today with bands like Turnstile blowing up in the hardcore scene. "Prone Mortal Form" is being released on vinyl as it's own LP for the very first time and includes liner notes from vocalist Jonah Jenkins and guitarist Craig Silverman. 

Track Listing:

1. Prone Mortal Form
2. Root
3. Voice Of Disrepair
4. Silo
5. VTA (Veracity, Tenacity And Aspirin)
6. Slug
7. Twitching Tongues
8. Nineveh
9. Darkly
10. December