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Rambo "Defy Extinction"


To say that Rambo occupies a singular space in punk history is an understatement. They might have gone out at the top of their game but now, 15 years later, Rambo is back with their aptly titled new album "Defy Extinction." On these 16 tracks of pounding, epic, crust-infused hardcore punk and beatdowns, Rambo is imploring you to believe in science, fight authoritarianism, and, most of all, defy extinction.

Track Listing:

1. River Of Birds
2. Who Let The Sheepdogs Out?
3. Authorities > Authority
4. The End Is Nye
5. Imperialist Pigs In Space
6. Cattle Tyrant
7. Q: And Children A: Real Children
8. Love And Science 1
9. Judas Goat
10. Defy Extinction
11. Outlive The Bastards
12. Ch@d
13. Blizzard Brigade
14. Love And Science 2
15. New World Vultures
16. Biomass
17. Youtube Disasters